5 Free Things to Do in Lubeck, Germany

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5 Free Things to Do in Lubeck

Welcome to the Queen of the Hanseatic League, Lubeck! This city, pretty known for its old town surrounded by water and for the typical marzipan candies, has a long history as well as many things to do. You can enjoy the city even if you’re on a budget! Here’s a list of 5 free things to do in Lubeck.

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5 free things to do in Lubeck

1. Travemuende

From Luebeck, you can get to this sea resort by bus, train or ferry (the latter is more expensive. Bus and train cost € 3,20 one way and run often). This is one of the most known places on the Baltic sea. Once there, I suggest you walk along the Brodten steep coast, a 4 miles-long beach facing the Baltic.

The erosion caused by the sea is incredible and many trees are stranded on the path. To go back, you can take an upper pathway (a wooden stair will bring you up).

Once back to the center, you can add a visit to the oldest lighthouse in Germany (€2 entry) and to the Denkmal Passat, a four-masted ship built in 1911 (€4 entry).

Otherwise, just enjoy the beach with its particular seats. And if it’s not very cold, why don’t you take a bath?

2. Niederegger Marzipan Salon

The marzipan is the finest specialty of Luebeck. No trip to Lubeck is complete if you don’t drop by Niederegger, the most famous manufacturer. The former Pope and Queen Elizabeth II have been here!
At the third floor, there is a little exhibition with human-sized marzipan sculptures and the history of the company, plus a video explaining how marzipan is prepared.
Human-sized Marzipan sculptures

Human-sized Marzipan sculptures at Niederegger

3. An der Obertrave – An der Untertrave

Let’s walk! Lubeck is embraced by water canals, and if you walk along them you’ll discover amazing viewpoints. Particularly relaxing is the Malerwinker spot, very close to the Liebesbruecke. Here you can enjoy a stunning view of the city and sit where many artists painted the high towers and steeples of the old town.
Keep walking along the river and you will end in An der Untertrave.

4. Heiligen-Geist-Hospital

This little hospital, which is part of a bigger complex of buildings, was serving as a nursing home for elderly. It is partly closed. Only the first few meters of the hall are visitable but you can still see how the wooden rooms were set. A quick stop on the way worth it.

5. Gothmund

Finally, this little village of fishermen is roughly 4 km outside Luebeck. You can go there walking (as I did) or taking the bus no. 12 from the Hauptbanhof. The straw-clad roofed huts are the main attraction of this peaceful place. Nearby there are beautiful woods and footpaths you may decide to go through.
This can be the right destination for a half day off the beaten path but it’s better to skip it if you’re planning only one day in Lubeck.
Have you ever been to Lubeck? Do you know if there are any other free things to do in Lubeck? Add your opinion in the comments below!