Hello, Travel Bakers! I’m Stefano. How do you feel today?

I’m here to tell you my story and why I started this blog. Please, take a sit, grab a beverage and enjoy!


Born in Turin, I think it was a Wednesday. Tomorrow I’ll ask my mom. Anyway, 500 years ago Americas were discovered, and this was a great year to see the light.


I swallow a 500 lire coin. My father shakes me from the feet and the coin comes out. Still alive.


My family moves to Cuneo, an exaggeratedly peaceful town close to the mountains.


We are in the new millennium (really?).


I almost get rejected at school and take my first real trip abroad in Edinburgh to attend an English summer school.


I score my first real girlfriend, Simona, in a school trip in Rome. Hell yeah. I work sporadically organizing disco parties for the cool people of Cuneo.


I have a trip in Poland for the Memorial day and visit concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau, coming back totally impressed with 8 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes hidden in the train compartment. And a bottle of Absolute vodka. I attend another summer school in Norwich, England.


I get my diploma in Chemistry and I go celebrating to the World Youth Day in Spain, the church offers a big discount! I enroll to the University of Turin, faculty of Biological Sciences and move permanently to Turin in a shared flat. Still remember the wall molding because of the humidity.


I break up with Simona. I get a scholarship to attend a Symposium of Biology Students in Europe (SymBioSE) in Hungary, meeting wonderful people. In September, I backpack in Spain and Portugal for two weeks visiting a bunch of new friends and stopping in Madrid, Leon, Salamanca, Oporto and Coimbra. In November I meet a new girl, Martina.


I visit Florence with Martina, our first trip together. In the summer, I tour the Basque country in a caravan with 4 friends. Completely drunk, I take a leak in the middle of a square plenty of people in San Sebastian. Before Christmas, we go to Paris spending the last night in Gare du Lyon. Probably the worst night in my life.


I finally achieve my BSc. In a 3 weeks backpacking trip with a couple of friends, we touch Barcelona, Granada, Malaga, Gibraltar, Tarifa, Seville, Faro, Lagos and Lisbon. In September to Trieste, NE Italy to start a MSc in Environmental Biology. We start exploring neighboring countries Slovenia and Croatia.


Keeping exploring the neighboring countries Slovenia and Croatia, I move to North Wales for a three-months traineeship. I explore almost the whole region and I take the chance to launch a basic travel blog, Forever Travelling. Martina moves to Finland in August, and I come back in Trieste in October, this time in a student hall. I have great expectations, but it happens to be one of the worst choice ever. Still it is useful to overthink a bit and start the new year with new energies.


That’s the year things have changed.

Let’s go slower. Till January, I was completely confused. I had lived those months passively, trying not to get depressed. You know> those periods which sometimes knock you down. Martina has been far apart, I hadn-t actually come back home for a lot of time, my classmates were behaving awfully – totally normal up to them – and I was living in a student hall that I didn’t like. I started my academic year with great expectations, but… One good thing happened. I got an Erasmus scholarship to do my master thesis in Bremen, Germany.

As soon as I left, I broke up with Martina, who moved as well to Germany, 200 km away. Was it destiny? Well, I don’t know.

I started reading. Alright, I was reading even before, but not so compulsively about traveling. I started to dig into travel blogs, going deeper and deeper and finding every single day motivational stories, travel tales and adventures which were fascinating me more and more.

I realized that I was not an expert of course, but not even a newbie of the topic. I could have helped people traveling on a budget – my favorite way.

Finally, I understood that a blogger life was possible.

If not full time, part time, and that’s also good! The moment came perfect as I was almost at the end of my MSc, getting graduated in December….and then nothing. I booked a flight to Chile one random morning, and I decided that I would volunteer for a brewery in Coyhaique, Patagonia. I wanted to take a year, two, three off and live my life fully, without limitations, at least for a period.

I started contemplating the idea to make a proper blog, and here we are! One morning I just woke up and I felt like traveling. Traveling forever, traveling my whole life!

The Travel Bakery was born.

Why The Travel Bakery? Here you find another story. 🙂

I perfectly know that this will be difficult. Not impossible though. The plan for 2017 is to acquire all the necessary skills to become a travel blogger – blogging, travel writing, photography, etc. Then, we will see. I need this gap year and I’m creating new ideas every day.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and I would be pleased to hear your support in the comments.

May wanderlust be with you!

Sincerely yours,