Hiking the Cerro Castillo, Chilean Northern Patagonia

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During my 3-weeks stay at the Cerveceria Caiquen in a little village in Northern Patagonia, I had the chance to hiking the Cerro Castillo, a mountain – believe me, it’s not a hill as the literal translation would suggest – which is the highest peak in the central Patagonian Andes. This one-day hike is not particularly difficult, although a good … Read More

5 Effective Ways to Save Money in Chile

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5 Effective Ways to Save Money in Chile

Chile is notoriously known to be the most expensive country, along with Argentina, in South America. The strong power of the Chilean peso makes prices above the average of some European countries. Fool me that I thought Chile was kinda cheap. Fortunately, I came up with 5 effective ways to save money in Chile. I mean, a lot of money. … Read More

Travel Agencies in Cusco: What are the Prices?

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Travel Agencies in Cusco: What are the Prices?

Without any doubt, Cusco is one of the most touristic destinations in Perù. People use it as a base point to visit the famous Machu Picchu, but in the last years, a series of activities and alternative treks have thrived around the world’s iconic ruin. The Salkantay trail, the Rainbow Mountains, the Jungle trek, the Ausangate trek, the Salt Mines, … Read More

One Day in Santiago, Chile on a Budget

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One day in Santiago, Chile on a budget

Santiago is one of the most vibrant capital of South America. In many, many cases it is used as starting point of a visit to other parts of the country, from the Northern deserts to the Patagonian glaciers. Despite being used as a stopover, this city has a lot of sightseeing spot. And it’s also possible to spend one day … Read More