10 Things to Bring Home in Your Carry-On From Italy

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10 Things to Bring Home in Your Carry-On From Italy

So, you are looking for what to bring home in your carry-on from Italy.  Be happy, you found the right place for inspiration! Italy is well known for its food, arts, fashion goods, and spectacular landscapes, among others. It would actually be plenty of goods to bring back home, but sometimes we have to deal with restrictions: first of all, … Read More

Where to Have the Best Sandwich in Europe

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Where to Have the Best Sandwich in Europe

That Friday I was happily wandering around Bruxelles. After a few hours walking my stomach was rumbling, so I decided to grab some food. A local guide suggested me a tiny place in Rue de Dusquenoi. At first sight, it was surely not a very touristic place – out of the shop there was no big sign saying such things like ‘Where … Read More

Your Erasmus Guide to Bremen

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Erasmus guide to Bremen

So, you decided for Bremen. Well, I’m very happy for you! No better place to spend your Erasmus semester…and maybe a bit more. If you’re still decision-pending, this is your Erasmus guide to Bremen! Of course, planning an Erasmus, though some people take it not so seriously, it’s not an easy task. Anyway, the fun overwhelms the difficulties. I personally wrote … Read More

10 Free Things to Do in Bremen, Germany

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10 Free Things to Do in Bremen, Germany

Northern Germany. The Hanseatic City of Bremen offers a lot of stuff to do! Sun or rain, cloudy or damp, hail or snow, don’t be afraid to go out – otherwise, it’s likely you’d lie in your bed for ever. I wrote these 10 free things to do in Bremen, Germany, so you know what to do when you’re on … Read More

What to do in Beaumaris, North Wales

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What to Do in Beaumaris

Last year I had the chance to study in North Wales, in Bangor precisely. I had time to visit all the surroundings, including Beaumaris. This little town on the Isle of Anglesey is a cozy destination for a day trip. Here’s what to do in Beaumaris! Of course, I did it on a budget. There are buses going from Bangor … Read More