May 2017 – Monthly Recap. Sweden, Beautiful Sweden!

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May 2017 - Monthly Recap

And the Monthy Recap series continues! Almost straight – here’s the new chapter, May 2017 – Monthly Recap. 🙂 What have I been up to this month? Well, May has been a very important month. First, I have had time to recover from the great fatigue of three months of constant traveling in South America. Second, I’m deciding about my future … Read More

How Climbing the Rainbow Mountains in Perù Really Is

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How Climbing the Rainbow Mountains in Perù Really Is

Perù? Cusco? Well, the Rainbow Mountains are a must-see. Pictures from friends and advertisements completely sold me and I wanted to try them out. But how climbing the Rainbow Mountains in Perù really is? Some people say it’s easy, others don’t even get to the top… As a result, I was pretty uncertain of what I was going to do. Here’s … Read More

A Long Way Back Home

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I still remember the day I left home. It was just three months ago. I stepped out of the comfort with my mother on the verge of tears, my little dog barking and a big, green, worn-out Decathlon backpack on my shoulder. Now, it’s a long way back home. Since I didn’t plan anything that was more than two weeks … Read More

March 2017 – Monthly Recap – From Chile to Perù

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March 2017 - Monthly Recap

Alright, I skipped February but I promise I’ll add it as soon as I’ll have time. I’m now gathering thoughts for the March 2017 – Monthly Recap. It’s been a tough month, full of experiences and traveling. Tired of hitchhiking in Argentina, I came back to Punta Arenas, Chile to take a bus to Santiago. A very, very long ride, … Read More