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I’m the legal copyright holder unless otherwise stated, of all the material you find on The Travel Bakery. The content is subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form and part without an express, written permission by myself, Stefano Scilipoti. If you have questions about this blog, please contact at thetravelbakery(at)gmail(dot)com,

All the information provided on this blog is for entertainment purposes and you are using this information at your own risk. I plan MY trips, I use MY tricks, I book MY tickets, and I cannot ensure what I do will work for you.

Also, I’m not selling (I would like to, but I’m an honest guy 🙂 ) any of the data you provide me (mainly because you subscribe to my newsletter).

I use mostly my pictures or creative common ones on this blog. If you find any picture that is subjected to copyright, please inform me as soon as possible. It might happen I forget a credit or a mention. I invite you to note that I’m not legally responsible if  I used a copyright protected image that was found under the creative commons websites like Flickr, Wikimedia, Photopin, etc. If you are the owner of a copyrighted picture you find on this blog, contact me and I’ll remove it as soon as possible or I’ll give you the credit if missing.


I insert affiliation links in my blog. This means that if you book a service or buy a product through them, I get an incredibly small percentage at any extra cost to you. In this way, I can keep the blog free and running. Do you know how much a blog cost? Well, if you knew, you might want to help me. 🙂

Despite affiliate links, everything I suggest is first-hand tested and I recommend products or services just if I’m pretty sure they will provide value. This means I’m not doing paid review of items or services I don’t like or I don’t test beforehand. I work together with brands that I personally like and whose ethics and principles match mine. In this blog, you will just read my most honest opinion. Your trust is much more important than any kind of compensation I might receive.

This blog does not contain any content which may present a conflict of interest.

Finally, I want you to know that I agree with the Blog With Integrity Pledge.


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