Hi, I’m Blogging – Why am I Doing it?

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Hi, I'm blogging

The time is ripe. I’m starting blogging!

The Travel Bakery is going live.

Yep, this is the name of my travel blog!

I can say I took this like a university examination. I studied a lot. I spent lot of hours reading other travel blogs, studying their structures, seeking information about blogging, hosting and themes and on how to monetize your blog (of course it’s a passion, but are we working for free?), starting a Facebook page, learning from others’ mistake and so on.

4 months of studying. To be honest, I’m happy I have held over for a while. I had to work hard to achieve my MSc and I jumped through hoops to do everything, day by day.

I soon realized that a nomadic life was possible – people do it for real. But of course you must have the right tools.

2016: more than 2 million blog posts are written every single day, there are more than 1 million travel blogs out there, I-don’t-know-how-many Facebook pages about wandering & backpacking…just saying the competition can kill you in no time. So I thought I wanted to go out there well-equipped.

I spent something like €15000 in my education during the past 5 years: food, accommodation, university fees, transport, etc. I love what I have been doing and what going to the University taught me. I’m now able to criticize myself – not obvious nowadays – and recognize my limits at first sight.

Why can’t I spend some money on something that I like?

So I opened my wallet, and I spent almost €100 of hosting service, which I chose after carefully reading a lot of reviews and comments.

Well, I opened my wallet again. And I bought the X theme from Theme.co. Same as above, I spent hours reading reviews and hand drawing the design of my website, finding that X was fulfilling all my needs. I’m still learning a lot and I’m not exploiting its features at best, but I’m looking forward to do it.

I’m quite bad in math, but I’ll do it for you: I just started out and already spent almost 200 bucks. And I tell you, these are not peanuts for a guy who budgeted even 1-cent coins. Don’t you trust me?

I saved as hell for years looking forward to spend that money on something I really like. That came to be traveling, and the blogging world, with its pros and cons, has bitten me such deep I decided to invest on it.

It’s not easy and it won’t be.

But I strongly believe on writing, reading and on first-hand experiences. That’s why I launch The Travel Bakery.

I hope you will follow me through my journey.