How to Get From Cuneo, Italy to Coyhaique, Chile

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How to Get From Cuneo, Italy to Coyhaique, Chile

I’m pretty sure that no one will ever look at this post – how to get from Cuneo, Italy to Coyhaique, Chile is surely useless stuff. But I don’t care! I’ll explain how I did it anyway. I could think to start a series named ‘Meaningless Guides’. What do you think?

So this a detailed guide on how to get from Cuneo, Italy to Coyhaique, Chile.

Cuneo does have an airport – the notorious Le Valdigi airport (who doesn’t know it? Come on, have you ever traveled?) but unfortunately there are no direct flights to Coyhaique, which doesn’t have an airport, least of all to Santiago, which does instead have an airport. And I’ll tell you this, it’s also pretty big.

Step 1 – from Cuneo to Turin

Having said that, the first thing you have to do – go to Cuneo railway station and take a ticket to Turin. There’s one train per hour, usually at X.20 or X.24. The ticket costs €7, that for less than 90 km is quite expensive.

Alternatives: car sharing services like BlaBlacar are around €3-5. Avoid at all costs the highway, even though my friend Patrizio keeps saying it’s the most convenient way.

Time: 1 h 10 min
Step 2 – from Turin to Milan

Straightaway the cheapest way: take a Flixbus or a Buscenter to Lampugnano Bus station. The cost varies from €3 if you book it in advance to €7.

You can also get a train from Torino Porta Nuova, thus avoiding a 10 minutes walk. Prices are from €12,45 up. A Frecciarossa (‘high’-speed train) is more expensive, but if booked in advance you can have it for €9.

– Bus: 1 h 50 min
– Train: 1 h 52 min
Step 3 – from Milan to Malpensa

Malpensa is where the most flights to South America take off, so I’ll take it as the standard airport – also, the one I departed from.

If you arrive by train, it’s easier – go to the right side of the station to take the Malpensa shuttle. For €8 you will be directly at your terminal. Shuttles leave pretty often, on average twice per hour – there are at least two bus companies operating the route.

By bus, we have to add a step: take the metro from Lampugnano to Milano Centrale. Add €1,5 and then follow the step above.

Time: 1 h 

Step 4 – from Malpensa to Santiago, Chile

From Malpensa, go to your gate, check in your luggage, pass the security control being aware of all the specifications – liquids not over 100 mL in a bag, take off your belt and metal stuff, etc.

Be sure to be the first of the queue when embarking – so you’ll be also sure to wait standing up for half an hour, be the first to get eventually on the shuttle bus to the plane and the last to get out.

Once you have lost your patient for your stupidity, and promised yourself that next time you’ll be the last one to embark, because yes – we all get in, after all – get your sit and wait.

Long flights usually have a form of entertainment and you won’t be so pissed of like when Ryanair’s flight attendants go back and forth the aisle asking you to buy their fucking useless duty-free products. Therefore, enjoy a movie or some music, and go to sleep pulling the lever below your seat or pushing the button somewhere on the armrests.

Gooood morning! Here’s your breakfast with a hot cheese&ham sandwich, fruit jam, salty crackers and a slice of cake. Not bad. Stock up on sugars, they really help you.

The flight will probably stop in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and you’ll probably take off again from the same terminal. I hope so because it might be pretty long to go from one terminal to another – something like one hour and a half.

Assuming you are departing from Santiago from the same terminal, go again to your gate and this time put your butts on a seat and wait. You can smoke a cigarette, read a book, or just watching people hurrying to be first, trying to silently overcome an unaware couple on their 70s.

Once you are here again, the same story. In few hours, you’ll magically be in Santiago, after 12000 km.

Price: it really depends. Looking at the price trend and booking in advance, I got a return ticket for €512,47. That’s really cheap, and I would consider cheap everything below €750. Use Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak or other flight search engine and compare them to get the best deal.

Time: approx. 19 h

And here you are, in Santiago.

This guide on how to get from Cuneo, Italy to Coyhaique, Chile is becoming pretty long, isn’t it?

Step 5 – From Santiago to Puerto Montt

A good compromise between price and speed is the bus. In Chile, distances MUST NOT BE UNDEREVALUATED. There are no Germany highways where you can set autopilot as soon as you enter. Not at all.

Seats on buses usually come as cama and semicama. The cama is an extendable seat, which transforms into a bed. The semicama is extensible but not as much as the cama. Therefore, the cama is a bit more expensive.

The companies which operate the route Santiago – Puerto Montt are many. I report down some of them:

  • Turbus: semicama 22000 /saloncama 32000
  • Queilen: semicama 21600/saloncama 28100
  • Thaebus: saloncama 30000
  • semicama 28000/saloncama 38000

I booked a semicama with Queilen Bus for 21600 and I spent the night on it. It’s not exactly comfortable. Anyway, you are provided a blanket and a little breakfast in the morning. Use to compare bus fares.

From Santiago to Puerto Montt

From Santiago to Puerto Montt

Time: 14 h
Step 6 – From Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco

The easiest (and probably the only one) way to get from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco, the gateway to the XI Region de Aysén, is to take a ferry with Navimag Ferries. They actually have just two routes: Puerto Montt – Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales, and vice-versa. If booked in advance, you can find a place in a shared cabin for 40000 CH$, which are roughly 60$. There are different options, which go from the basic shared cabin (up to 4 berths) to the single cabin with a view over the sea. The ferry leaves from Puerto Montt in the morning and arrives at Puerto Chacabuco 24 hours later. During the trip in the midst of Chilean islands, you will be served all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Portions are big and they don’t mind to go back for seconds.

Bring your sea sickness pills, you never know. Weather in Patagonia is not easy and the ferry was shaking almost all the time.

This has been absolutely the longest trait of my trip, but sitting on the deck and enjoying the view

Time: 24 h
Step 7 – From Puerto Chacabuco to Coyhaique.

Almost done! Once out of the ferry take a minibus or colectivo to Puerto Aysén. It’s just 20 minutes and it costs 500 CH$. The bus stops at the ‘bus terminal’ in Aysén. Here, take the last f***ing bus to Coyhaique. Usually, they run often (once an hour) and the ticket cost 2200 CH$ | 3,5$. This trait of the Carretera Austral is quite shattered and if you have suffered sea sickness in the ferry, well, I’m sorry to say that your uneasiness will go on for a while.

Time: 1,5 h

Here you are, in Coyhaique!

Time: 64 h, without waiting gaps

Feel free to pick up part of this post when needed, if you find it. See you somewhere!


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