January 2017 – Monthly Recap. On the Road!

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January 2017 - Monthly Recap

Hola! I already foresee there will be problems on keeping this series of monthly recap, but here’s the first: January 2017 – Monthly Recap.

January has been a crazy month.

For the first time in years, I spent more than two weeks at home, and this was awesome. I shared time with my family, and when I left again, I understood that the time you spend with your loved ones is always not enough.

Some friends went to Cuneo to visit me, and we had a lot of fun. It’s very true that you discover more of your city when people come and ask things about the place where you live. At the same time, I realized that I don’t know as much of my city as I would like, so I wrote on my endless to-do list to explore more if I’ll ever come back for a while again. This will involve being more active in communities such as Couchsurfing or Trustroots.

Most importantly, I took my first international flight and here I’m writing, in the countryside of a little village in Patagonia, where I’m working in an artisanal brewery. I waited for so long this moment, and up to now, I’m very happy. I already met wonderful people that I would like to shortly mention:

  • Mauro, my couchsurfing host in Santiago. Have a wonderful trip, my friend!
  • Nani, my host in Puerto Montt – we had a lot of fun together!
  • Carlos, a Colombian man who is backpacking all around South America making this his life trip.
  • Alessio, who is working with me in the brewery. I managed to find an Italian in the most remote place I have ever been.
  • Katha and Frank, a couple of German guys which whom I shared an entire day in Santiago ending with a rooftop party
  • Ginny, a South Carolina girl met here in the brewery. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Safe travels in Canada.
  • All the people who helped me finding my way (literally!). There have been already more than a lot.
Rooftop party in Santiago with German friends!

Rooftop party in Santiago with German friends!

Besides Chile, I also traveled a bit in Liguria, hiking the Cinque Terre and spending an afternoon in Porto Venere.

I’m learning Spanish fast, though I will speak a bit of Italian for two weeks. I’m studying in particular verbs as I find them pretty challenging. Once I master them, I will speak much better and I feel I already have done big steps. Google and free e-books are my best friends in this case!

I’m actually experiencing how difficult is to stay online and up to date with blogging, social media, and everything behind while you are on the road. I can easily share a picture from my smartphone, but writing and caring about SEO and your blog is another story.

For this reason, I brought with me the laptop, which is quite heavy. And it becomes heavier when you have a 8 cells battery for prolonged battery life. Ah, on the back I also have a 60 liters backpack that saying it is full wouldn’t be correct. In other words: I could have scheduled more posts before leaving, but I didn’t. That would have been a good compromise. Here in Chile free wifi is seldom, and connections are not always stable (argh!).

Furthermore, here in Chile free wifi is seldom, and connections are not always stable (argh!). I’ll soon work out a solution, which could be shipping my laptop and its big charger back to Europe.

I’ll eventually find a way to keep this Monthly Recap series alive!

Place of the month: Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Book of the month: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

See you next month!