May 2017 – Monthly Recap. Sweden, Beautiful Sweden!

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May 2017 - Monthly Recap

And the Monthy Recap series continues! Almost straight – here’s the new chapter, May 2017 – Monthly Recap. 🙂

What have I been up to this month? Well, May has been a very important month. First, I have had time to recover from the great fatigue of three months of constant traveling in South America. Second, I’m deciding about my future – many choices are on the table, and take a decision has never been harder for me.

The first thing I did when coming back was improving my daily routine: no more over-sleeping, less social media, less whatever it sucks up useful time, more physical activity, reading, and learning.

Meanwhile, I didn’t stop traveling: I have been to Rome to assist the graduation of my best friend, and straight after I took a flight to Stockholm – a 3-weeks reunification with my girlfriend that I actually didn’t see since January. Here, I really felt the difference. In one month I passed from averagely poor and disorganized countries to the tidiest, cleanest, most functional I have been to. Everything is close to perfect. I haven’t seen in three weeks a crack in a wall, streets are very clean, the Scandinavian design makes everything better, museums are state-of-the-art, public transport is exceptionally efficient, the whole country is pretty bike-friendly. Sweden is a wonderful country, to sum everything up. What I like the most: 

  • Design;
  • Nature;
  • Efficiency.

What I don’t like:

  • Sun cycle (at three a.m. light starts to come in, no matter how good your curtains are);
  • Prices.

Once again I put a strain on my budgeting skills. You remember that commercial when Lidl was saying ‘with 30 bucks your cart is full’? Well, here in Sweden with 30 bucks you don’t even fill your shopping bag. Particularly, meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables are very expensive. Cinema is 20 €. There are many free museums but those which are not free cost more than 10€ including any discount you can think of.

Prawn sandwich

This sandwich at the Östermalms Saluhall cost around 10€

Prices are extremely high for a poor Italian guy who came after 3 months of full-time travel. My wallet is lighter than ever and, being this blog not monetized at all, I don’t have any income. That’s why I’ll have to find a job for the next few months. I will probably go to Germany and I’m excited to do so: more updates the next month! My future is getting clearer and yes, it involves traveling. But not as much as I had though when I first conceived this blog. No worries, I’ll constantly update it – as I’m constantly on the move. If you haven’t yet, put a like on my Facebook page which is the one I update the most!

Also, this month I finally added the resource page to the blog. Here you can find useful information to book a flight, an accommodation, a volunteering opportunity abroad, and tips and tools I use when it comes to blogging.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping to studying coding and I’m making my slow way through PHP (pretty useless nowadays, isn’t it?) and MySQL. In a few weeks, I’ll start with Ruby. The learning curve is high but I’m confident I’ll make it!


Place of the Month: Tyresta National Park, Sweden

Book of the Month: The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis