5 Things to Know Before Starting a Travel Blog

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5 Things to Know Before Starting a Travel Blog

So the time has come! You’ll be starting travel blogging soon. To put everything under the sun, I wrote these things to know before starting a travel blog. Well, it’s plenty of people who push you to open a blog – most of them are already acknowledged travel bloggers, photographers, writers, millionaires, etc. Of course besides your family and friends. In … Read More

Getting Into Photography – What Am I Learning?

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Getting into Photography

Finally, I decided: I’m seriously getting into photography. In few weeks I’ll be leaving to Chile and the thought to go there and take crappy pictures just disgusted me. If you are a complete dummy, well, you are in the right place! I was at your same level a couple of months ago. That’s my beginning and you can follow my improvements … Read More

2016 Travel Recap. What did 2016 bring?

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2016 is finally coming to an end. I hope it’s been a wonderful year for you and your travels. I feel the need to recap everything I did this year, thus here’s my 2016 Travel Recap. Germany I’ve spent most of my 2016 in Germany, thanks to an Erasmus scholarship – I basically did my Master’s Thesis. Wonderful country, I … Read More

5 Free Things to Do in Lubeck, Germany

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5 Free Things to Do in Lubeck

Welcome to the Queen of the Hanseatic League, Lubeck! This city, pretty known for its old town surrounded by water and for the typical marzipan candies, has a long history as well as many things to do. You can enjoy the city even if you’re on a budget! Here’s a list of 5 free things to do in Lubeck. Pin … Read More