Many people ask me how I book my trips, how I save money, how I find cheap accommodation, how to make Italian coffee and what I use to treat my curly hair. Here’s a comprehensive list of all travel and blogging resources I use and check constantly (sorry, I won’t reveal what conditioner I’m using). If you’re using something you believe it’s useful, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the page.

Happy traveling!

Cheap flights

Directly on the website, you can find special offers. I strongly suggest subscribing to the newsletter, as they often send special deals and you’ll be among the first to be noticed.

In my humble opinion the best tool to compare airfares. The ‘bring me anywhere’ feature and the flexibility in selecting the dates make Skyscanner very powerful. The app is available even for my Windows Phone

It’s usually my second choice to find the cheapest airfares.

Another flexible flight comparison tool. Worth a double check when seeking cheap airfares.


My go-to bus company in Europe. WiFi, minibar, and power sockets on board make the ride quite enjoyable. Furthermore, it is in continuous expansion and has competitive prices – probably the lowest in the market.

Useful if you are planning a trip and you don’t have any idea about how you are going to reach your destination. It is a good starting point, but I suggest an in-deep research as many little companies are not mentioned.

Do you want to visit more countries in only one trip by train? This pass is for you.

Volunteering abroad

Workaway is great for finding a volunteer job abroad. With more than 22000 hosts all over the world, it’s the biggest platform of its kind. The annual subscription is 23 € or 30 € if you register as a couple. They keep a wonderful blog full of useful information and direct volunteering experiences.

HelpX is another website where you’ll find a lot of places. The subscription is free, but you can access premium features for 20 €.

WWOOF is a worldwide movement of volunteers and hosts mainly focused on organic farming.

Talk talk BnB is a relatively new website which gathers people looking forward to improving a language or learn a new one. You will be required to spend some hours a day to teach a language for accommodation and sometimes food.

Travel Insurance

My go-to Travel Insurance provider. One of the best quality/price ratio out there. Fortunately, I have never had problems, but reviews were comforting.

Free accommodation

Couchsurfing is probably the most known website for free accommodation. It’s quite world spread and there are many hosts willing to give you a couch. Rules are kind of strict and now you are limited to 10 requests a week; to unblock this limit, you have to become a verified user – the cost is 25 $. For these reasons and others, many people are moving to other hospitality platforms like the next ones.

The cool stuff about Trustroots is that you can join tribes which fit you the most. Some of them: buskers, musicians, vegans&vegetarians, hitchhikers. The website is very user-friendly and I’m personally looking forward to being a host when I’ll be able to. The guys who made it are the same behind hitchwiki, the encyclopedia of hitchhiking.

This website is made by cyclists for cyclists. If you’re on a bike trip, you’ll get a warm shower (hopefully) and a bed. MORE

Another resource to check for free accommodation. Users are always less, but in emergency situations, you might want to check it.

Cheap accommodation

AirBnB got more and more customers over the past years. I used it many times and never had problems. If you are booking for the first time, click HERE to receive a $30 discount if you spend at least 65$ (that easy, no trick!)

Most used site to book hostels all around the world! I suggest to subscribe to the newsletter, sometimes they send you a good sale or discount.

For fancier hostels and hotels this is the right website to check, and one of the most comprehensive.

Blogging resources

Siteground’s hosting and support service are regarded as one of the best on the World Wide Web. It represents the (probably) safest way to start (even though not the cheapest) and I chose it after reading tons of reviews and comparison with other services. I’ll soon write an in-depth review!

I bought my X theme from this awesome team. Fantastic support, endless customizability (which I am not exploiting at all), tutorials for nearly everything, SEO friendly and all you are looking for your website theme. Expensive, but well worth the price. They also offer a hosting service.

If your website is powered by WordPress, you’ll find useful having a look here. If you have some time to spend, you’ll surely find a solution. is an online repository of courses that span from photography to video editing, from statistics to programming. Some of them are free, others are paid. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive loads of discounts for 10 $ courses.

Similar platform to Udemy, but I found this one more straight-to-the-point. There are both free and paid courses.

My favorite platform for note taking, with a plethora of functions. Available on every platform I can think of. Windows Phone included!

This beautiful-looking app comes with a desktop version (both for Mac OS and Windows) plus it is available on the App Store and Google Play. I use it daily to manage daily tasks and for keep order in mind. As soon as I recall I have to do something, I add it to the list. You can organize tasks in projects.

Envato Market is a repository of digital products created by a global community of designers,
developers, photographers, illustrators & producers. Everything you need for your website is sold here. Subscribing to the newsletter gives you high-value monthly freebies.