What to do in Beaumaris, North Wales

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What to Do in Beaumaris

Last year I had the chance to study in North Wales, in Bangor precisely. I had time to visit all the surroundings, including Beaumaris. This little town on the Isle of Anglesey is a cozy destination for a day trip. Here’s what to do in Beaumaris! Of course, I did it on a budget.

There are buses going from Bangor to Beaumaris (here’s the timetable). The road is also feasible by bike (direct experience!).

The village itself is pretty cool, with some attractions. Surely you will want to visit the Beaumaris Castle, built by King Edward, but never completed. Among the castles in North Wales, I think it’s not the best one but worth a visit.

Price: 5,1£ for a student ticket.

One hour to visit it is maybe too much. There’s no toilet inside – it’s outside and you have to pay.

After the castle, have a stroll on the pier. If you like nature, you must take a boat trip to Puffin Island: the best period is in summer, between June and August, when puffins are thriving on the island. You could spot porpoises and Atlantic gray seals as well! I was lucky and I spotted all of them. It was such an emotion! There are at least two different companies which run the services, and I took Seacoast Safari, which I suggest you. Take a poncho with you as the weather is pretty variable and when the rain comes it can be very irritating.

Price: 8,10£ for a student ticket. The trip lasts approx. 90 minutes.

The main street of Beaumaris has a couple of nice souvenir shops and some eateries. For a meal on a budget, I suggest you Neptune, where you can have a tasty fish and chips. Close by there’s the Bulkeley Hotel. Free toilet here! I really like the inside and the showcase containing nautical items and memorabilia.

I have to include in what to do in Beaumaris the former prison, the Beaumaris Gaol. This is a good option if it’s raining and you don’t want to spend time outside.

Price: 4£ for a student ticket. 1 hour and a half should be enough.

if you enjoy walking, why not going to Penmon on foot? Penmon Point is the place you pass along on the boat trip to Puffin Island. It’s a very scenic place, so bring your camera with you! At a sustained pace, you’ll be here from Beaumaris in 2 hours, and in some traits, you can walk straight on the beach. Once here, enjoy a slice of cake in the cafè or sit down on the rocks listening to the sound of waves crashing…

If you like ruins, don’t miss the Aberlleiniog Castle, which is on the way to Penmon. You’ll find signs on the road. Visit is free.

Have you ever been to Beaumaris? Would you add some activities to do? Let me know in the comments!


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What to do in Beaumaris, North Wales