What to Pack for 3 Months in Chile

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What to Pack for 3 Months in Chile
Yuppie! I’m going to Chile. In few days I’ll leave for my first adventure oversea! Since I didn’t find any specific packing list for my particular case (I will work, sightseeing, trekking, hiking and hitchhiking) I decided to write my first packing list: What to pack for 3 months in Chile.
I’ll shortly add a video with all the equipment (it is supposed to be the first video on The Travel Bakery YouTube Channel! Pretty excited).

Premise to What to pack for 3 months in Chile

Everything I carry must be versatile since I’ll span from South to North, where it’s supposed to be hot. Then, the heavier the worse – we all agree on that. I lifted it and with (almost) everything it weighs 18 kg | 40 lbs, which is a lot. I still have to add the sleeping bag. I’ll buy it directly in Chile. The laptop (it’ll most likely be its last trip) and the camera equipment, unfortunately, add weight, but I need something to manage my pictures. And nope, I don’t have money to buy a MacBook Air.
  • Passport – without it I’m not going anywhere
  • ID Card (different place than passport) – If I lose the passport, at least they can send me to the closest embassy.
  • 3 Photocopies of passport – one in the backpack, one in the belt
  • Copy of the travel insurance – I’m getting it with World Nomads
  • Plane ticket – Always useful to show people that one day you’ll be back somewhere. This means that If I’ll have to cross the border, at least they think I will be back to fetch the flight.
  • Quechua 60 L Backpack – this will be the main backpack.
  • Karrimor 25 L Daypack – it’s not very light but I don’t have any more money to invest
  • Packing cubes – always useful when packing. They save a lot of space!
Clothes – Shoes
  • Boots – I had a pair of Lomer boots without ankle support. Here comes Francesco, borrowing me a pair of boots which went up to the Kilimanjaro. I guess they will be enough. Thanks, Francesco!
  • Flip-flops – travel essential. Anything else to add.
Clothes – Underwear
  • 6 pants – I think I’ll need no more than that. Hope to find a washing machine once a week!
  • 3 pairs of light socks  – Just because I want to look like the fancy guy who wear socks and flip-flops. I’m making out with myself just thinking about it.
  • 2 pairs of long socks
  • 2 pairs of trekking socks 
  • Tights (long johns) – Patagonia is notorious for being pretty windy. Wind does mean cold down there, so I’ll bring it to avoid freezing in low temperatures situations.
Clothes – Trousers
  • Trekking trousers – A modest pair of trekking trousers bought at Decathlon. Up to now, they didn’t disappoint me.
  • Normal (brown ones) – A pair of trousers for multipurpose use
  • Adidas – My jersey’s trousers. This will be a glorious end for a 6-years-old, worn-out garment.
  • Bermuda – to save time, pants and soap, as you can wash and dry them in few minutes.
Clothes – Upper part
  • 1 Windproof, waterproof jacket – Suggested  by the almighty almost-alpinist Francesco, the Montura jacket I purposedly bought is a heck of a garment. Let’s bivouac in plain air.
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 1 Jumper (a cheap one)
  • 2 Fleeces
  • 1 Turtleneck
  • 1 Bathrobe
  • 2 Towels for face and crotch
Equipment – Technology
  • Laptop – Here comes the tricky piece. Shall I bring it with me? If you know any method to manage photos without a computer (excluding wireless, card-reader, 200 bucks hard disk) let me know!
  • Laptop Charger – Comes in handy if you have a laptop. I also tried to charge it with my thoughts but it didn’t work.
  • Mobile Phone – I recently bought a Honor 7 from Huawei and it’s a heck of smartphone. Powerful, good photos and great in-hand feeling.
  • Mobile Phone Charger 
  • Kindle – I’ve been always bringing with me a couple of books while traveling. Most of times, it ended up I read a couple of pages each. That’s why I’ll go with the kindle this time. If I won’t read (don’t think so), at least I won’t have to complain for the weight.
  • Kindle Charger
  • 2 notebooks and penholder – to look like a professional writer. After all I do have a blog, don’t I?
  • Penholder: 2 pencils, 2 pens, sharpener
Camera bag
  • Camera – a brand new Canon 750 (Rebel T6i)
  • 18-55 lens
  • 70-300 lens
  • 2 spare batteries – fake, still they work. Planning to do a 6 days hike, so better bring them along.
  • All the memory cards I can take (32 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 4) – I’m rummaging to the deepest my house to find this tiny, magical support. I have found so far 60 GB in total. 
  • Hard disk – 1 TB Toshiba, pretty fast. The problem is the aforementioned laptop.
  • Battery charger 
  • Little bloc notes – to write how I’ll become the worst photographer of the year!
  • 1 pen, 2 pencils
Other Equipment 
  • Foldable bottles – I think I won’t have problem to find water in Patagonia. These bottles are made of silicon and are foldable, meaning that they occupy very little room when empty, and offer a 3 liters (grand total) water storage when full.
  • Plastic bags – always helpful. If you get cold during the night, a couple of them over the socks and – voilà.
  • Earphones 
  • Earplugs – they saved my sleep many times. In hostels, there’s always a dickhead snoring (it’s you, maybe) or trying to find a needle in a 60 liters backpack, without light, like at 3 a.m.
  • Torch/headlamp – for camping, hiking, trekking purposes. 
  • Harmonica – a funny instrument I’ll manage to properly play by the end of my journey.
  • Multipurpose tool – no explanation needed. 
  • Multipurpose flatware – I just realized the multipurpose tool also works as multipurpose flatware. That’s magic!
  • Backpack Raincover – ‘Keep everything dry, and the cold bye-bye’
  • Fisherman candies – I fell in love with them this summer in Germany.
  • Lighters – I have a Zippo and a windproof, plastic one.
Toiletry bag
  • Toothbrush – Another travel essential.
  • Toothpaste – As well. More essential than the toothbrush.
  • Toilet paper – of course, I’m not bringing it from Italy.
  • Soap – a versatile cleaner. Body and clothes all in one!
  • Chapstick – having chapped lips is one of the things I hate the most, more than the guy snoring next to your bed.
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses
  • Deodorant – Sometimes we need it.
  • Glass case 
  • Spare glasses – Since I do not use contact lenses, my old pair of spectacles will replace the actual one in the disastrous case they get broken. Update 20th March 2017 – They actually got broken in Torres del Paine National Park. I went all the way up to Valparaiso, where a watchmaker soldered the two parts together, don’t ask me how. Great job though. 
  • Drugs – Nobody likes to have a headache or diarrhea when traveling. Let’s try to prevent, and hopefully stop them.

That’s all (I think!). I hope you’ll find it useful for your next trips! If you think I should add something, please leave a comment below. I check them all 🙂


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What to Pack for 3 Months in Chile